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Dairy free, egg free pancake mix that’s vegan-friendly, wholesome and delicious.

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Let's Compare the 'Cakes

Vicky Cakes

Just add water


Full of flavor

Our secret family recipe unleashes massive flavor. You can literally taste the difference.


Full of Water

Water does nothing for the taste of your pancakes, even though most big box products only require water.


Light & Fluffy

Always get soft, light, and fluffy pancakes and waffles every time, just the way Vicky makes them.


Flat & Boring

You need to “doctor up” just add water pancakes, but they still come out unsatisfying and unfulfilling.


Made with Wholesome Ingredients

Our products are clean, fresh, light and made with REAL ingredients. Eat as many as you want. No guilt included!


Made with Powdered Milk & Eggs

Just-add-water pancakes contain artificial (fake) fruit, wholesome ingredients and other stuff you can't pronounce.

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Dairy free. Egg free. Black-owned. Woman-owned. Light, fluffy & delicious!

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